Introducing David Josiah Kniley

So my wife did something amazing this weekend: she gave birth to a healthy baby boy! David Josiah Kniley was born at 2:02 a.m. Sunday, December 30th, 2018.

The brief story is: Joanna’s water broke Friday afternoon, in the middle of a major house project I’d just started – that’s a whole separate story! Labor didn’t start quickly afterward, so we checked in at the hospital Saturday afternoon to get induced. It took us a while to get admitted, and then they started the induction process that evening.

There were more similarities with Samuel’s birth than we would have liked at this point. We were being induced, which isn’t a picnic. The methods of induction were the same as Samuel’s, and Joanna and I were both pretty emotional for a while as we processed these reminders of our labor and delivery journey so far: Daniel’s emergency C-section, Samuel’s high-risk delivery and not bringing him home, and Baby #3’s miscarriage.


It was here, during this emotional high point, that our amazing nurse midwife, Sarah, stepped in. She happened to be one of the few midwives in the practice who we hadn’t met yet, so we didn’t know what to expect. But God knew exactly who we needed for this birth. Despite being near the end of her 24-hour shift and a busy night literally running between multiple labor rooms, Sarah sat down at the foot of Joanna’s bed, and quietly reassured and cared for her for at least 10 minutes. She listened and then asked if she could pray with us, and was wonderfully caring and compassionate to Joanna.

Things progressed fairly quickly from that point in the night. Active labor started around 9pm, a little after 1am it was time to push, and at 2am we had our little guy! He gave a healthy cry right away, and we had no drama at any point during labor and delivery. No masses of nurses and doctors rushing in for a low heart rate scare like both Daniel and Samuel’s labors. No wisking our baby off to special care or the NICU. He was just ours to keep and hold and love. It was magical.

The hours since have passed by in a blur of feedings and diaper changes and trying to sleep when we can in between! Our midwives and hospital staff have been wonderful. We’re relearning all the newborn stuff, and despite our exhaustion we are loving our time getting to know David. It’s still surreal that we get to take him home tomorrow. Daniel is very excited, and he absolutely loves his new little brother! 🙂 Thank you for cheering us on and praying for us. We’re deeply in love with our little 2018 baby. 🙂 Happy New Year!