Bob and Joanna live near Rochester, NY. Bob is a wedding photographer and works at a Christian non-profit. Joanna is a full-time homemaker. We love Jesus. We fell in love while volunteering overseas in Asia, were married in 2011 and we have a sweet two-year-old son, Daniel. In January 2017 we had the gift of 38 hours with our second baby Samuel, and he is the reason we decided to start this blog.

Bob likes to garden, bake bread, learn random facts on Wikipedia, and listen to books on Audible while washing countless stacks of dishes. Joanna loves to read, organize, drink tea, and listen to Audible while folding massive piles of laundry. Daniel enjoys anything to do with cars, trains, airplanes, puppies, and making his parents laugh. Our favorite shows are Psych and Chopped. Our days are busy, but our hearts are full!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Kniley Family, I just saw this when Pastor Eric shared this on his facebook page.
    My husband and I experienced 2 pregnancies much like this, although for different anomalies. These were 18 and 19 years ago. We carried both of our babies knowing that we would have to plan funerals instead of birthday announcements. It was excruciatingly painful and also a time of spiritual challenges and personal growth. These events changed us forever. We birthed 2 babies a year apart and buried them a year apart. We certainly had many questions for God. We gave both of our children the most amazing services for going home to our Father. Painful but beautiful in so many ways. If either one of you would like to talk with veteran parents we would be blessed to share time with you, if you could benefit from our experience. We will keep your family in our prayers every day. God’s blessings.

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