Awaiting Samuel’s Arrival – Week 40

We just arrived at the hospital, eagerly awaiting Samuel’s arrival. We’re starting the induction process this morning, and we hope this will give us the greatest chance of meeting Samuel alive.

This journey with Samuel has forced us to answer some of the most intense and gut-wrenching questions of our lives. Now all of our plans and desires will meet reality, and we’ll finally see how many of them come true – along with everything else that comes our way that we never expected.

We likely won’t post here again until Samuel arrives. Please pray for:

  1. A quick and uncomplicated natural delivery.
  2. Samuel to be born alive!
  3. Peace-filled wisdom for Joanna and me as we make decisions during labor and delivery, and regarding Samuel’s care.
  4. Everyone involved to make powerful memories and appreciate every part of this experience.
  5. A tangible sense of God’s presence and peace throughout labor and during our time with Samuel.

Thank you for your love and care for us. We need your prayers very much right now.

25 thoughts on “Awaiting Samuel’s Arrival – Week 40”

  1. Joanna,

    You, Bob, and your families have been heavy on my heart this last weekend. Thank you for the update so I can know how to pray. ❤❤❤

  2. Love you guys oh so much. You’ve been on my heart this morning even before seeing this. Praying. Do much love, Josh & Jody Ostrander

  3. God please be with your family Bob and Joanna as they face many new things,I ask for courage and streathe , ty for blessing them with your blessings
    In your son’s name we pray

  4. Praying for you all during this time. So glad to know Immanuel …God With Us is with you and your family as you go through this day!

  5. You all have been in both boys and girls chrysalis team prayers and especially mine. God will provide through it all. Even through the hard times and rough times trust in him. He’s there to carry you.

  6. Prayers being sent to you all during this heart wrenching time. May the Lord’s blessings be upon you all and give you the strength you need today and in the future.

  7. You guys have an army of warriors praying for you – my family included. Love you, and know that the Lord is with you and so are we.

  8. May God’s presence be a covering for you as you prepare to meet Samuel. God has great plans for this time and his love for you “The Kniley family” is abundant and never ceasing.
    Samuel – God has heard.
    Be blessed

  9. Lord,
    You are in control, Is 43:26, says “plead your case rhat you may be proven right.” We couple our faith with the Kniley’s and family for Samuel. Thank You Father, Amen

  10. Praying for you and your family, and also for Samuel, that he will be a happy, healthy baby and bring you great joy. The Lord has you all in his loving arms. (you do not know me, but I felt compelled to pray for you. I am Todd’s mom.) God bless you all.

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